Tie Dye



Did some more bleaching tonight.


Tie Dye

So BareThreads is back! After what a leave of absence that is way to long for my liking. So my new obsession is tie dye, but with bleach!

It’s simple!

1. Get a coloured cotton top

2. Tie it up with wool (make sure it’s tight) there are no rules to how you do it, just get creative!

3. Fill bath with a mixture of water an bleach (warm works best). The stronger the bleach the faster an more severely the bleach will effect the clothes. For a crazy fast an bright look go for just bleach.

4. When you are satisfied with your colour let the bleach out the bath. Use a shower head to wash the bath out and your clothing.

5. Cut off all the wool

6. Wash top again with shower head/washing machine

7. Admire your hard work! An post a pic for us to see! ūüôā




Our first challenge: going for vintage gold

Its safe to say we both love a vintage look and so in our first challenge we are aiming for charity shop chic…

The challenge: make the best item possible from a second hand piece bought for a maximum of £5.

This weekend we are heading to our local charity stores for a little bit of competitive shopping!
There are no limits to creativity Рwhatever we buy can be cut/dyed/sewn into something completely new.

We will of course keep you posted on our progress.
Time to combine a little bit of vintage combined with some creative magic!


Bleach Obsession

I’m¬†definitely¬†one of those people who hoards clothes….

But I love to make old clothes look new by cutting/bleaching/sewing whatever possible!

I have just re-discovered a pair of old trousers that will be perfect for bleaching.
Bleaching is so simple and gives a great effect really quickly!
Its an easy way to give faded clothes a new lease of life.
I’m planning a tie-dye pattern and will post the results when i’m done!

Here’s the formula…

Easy! Get bleaching!

Hello world!

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